Syracuse, Indiana

Archaeological Report

An Archaeological Field Reconnaissance of a Proposed Development near Syracuse, Elkhart County, Indiana

As a result of a request by the Town of Syracuse. Archaeolgical Consultants of Ossian (ACO) was contracted to evaluate the efects on cultural resources of a proposed development near Syracuse, Elkhart County, Indiana. Between July through 8, 2010, personanel from Archaeolgocial Consultants of Ossian conducted an archaeological reconnaissance survey of an approximate 50 acre tract of land selected for development. The area surveyed is located in portions of the NE 1/4 of Section 31, Township 35 NOrth, Range 7 East (Benton Township) near Syracuse, Elkhart County, Indiana. No archaeolgical sites were discovered as a result of the survey. This report is a summary of the background review and the resutls of the Phase I archaeolgical investigation.

Archaeological Report 2013 (PDF)