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 Chicago 141
 Indianapolis  166
 Detroit  214
 South Bend
 Fort Wayne
 Goshen  10
 Warsaw  20
 Elkhart  31
 Mishawaka  38

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Indiana is one of only 8 states that have multiple airports in the top 50 for air cargo; Indianapolis is 6th (ahead of both JFK and O'Hare) and Fort Wayne at 32. We also rank 6th in the number of regional airports, two of which are close by: Elkhart and South Bend.

Indiana is in the median center of U.S. population with the distribution advantage that 70% of the U.S. population is within a days drive of the state. Elkhart County has 4 entrances to the Indiana Toll Road (Interstate 80-90). In fact, Indiana as a whole has more pass-through Interstates than any other state in the nation. It also ranks 2nd in pass-through truck tonnage, 8th in trucking employment and 10th in number of trucking companies.