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Syracuse Technology and Industrial Park Breaks Ground

Community leaders were invited to the ground breaking Tuesday of the Syracuse U.S.6/SR 13 Technology and Industrial Park.

Syracuse Town Manager Henry DeJulia stated, "The park provides opportunities that will allow the town of Syracuse to attract new industry, encourage business expansion, help diversify the local economy and generates long-term private-sector jobs."

He further stated, "It also provides growth opportunities, with a small town flavor, that are generally associated with a larger community."

According to Syracuse Town Council President Larry Siegel, "The town of Syracuse decided something needed to be done due to the high unemployment ... it is important that we provide job opportunities for our youth and for the skilled workers that the Syracuse community has to offer."

With assistance from the Syracuse Town Council, community leaders, Economic Development Administration, Housing and Urban Development, Michiana Area Council of Governments, Elkhart County Commissioners, Elkhart County Redevelopment Commission and the Elkhart County Regional Planning Commission, the town administration established and is working toward the development of the 61-acre Syracuse 6 & 13 Technology and Industrial Park that will promote private enterprise.

The park is located in Benton Township in Elkhart County, but is within Syracuse's urban service area boundary. During the development phase of this project, the town of Syracuse will work and assist potential developers, work with major realtors in the marketing of the park, provide access to potential prospects and assist in completing the necessary infrastructure needed.

The site is owned by Syracuse. Sewer capacity for the town is 1.05 million gallons per day with a usage of 500,000 gallons per day. The town's water capacity is 2.3 million gallons per day with a usage of 500,000 gallons per day. Utilities are provided by Northern Indiana Public Service Company for gas and electric. There is no rail at the site, but a CSX east-west mainline is located 3 miles south of the park.

The site is served by U.S. 6 and SR 13 with reasonable proximity to U.S. 33, U.S. 20, SR 15, SR 19, SR 119, SR 4, I-80/90 and I-69.

Airports serving the site, include: Goshen Municipal, 5 miles; Nappanee Municipal, 9 miles; South Bend Regional, 43 miles; Fort Wayne International, 43 miles; Warsaw Municipal, 18 miles; Chicago O'Hare International, 130 miles; Indianapolis International, 90 miles and Chicago Midway International, 120 miles.

Based on other industrial sites in the region, it is assumed this site, because of its location, could produce between 200 and 300 new jobs, possibly more if a technology firm were to locate there. It is realistic to expect up to $22 million in new investment. This is based on an assumption that 12 industries will want 5 acres each and invest an average of $1,833,333 for new construction, new machinery and new equipment.

It is expected another $1,300,00 will be leveraged in local investment. It is estimated 35 construction jobs will be created in completing the infrastructure capital component alone. It is also expected an additional 50 jobs and $1.18 million in private-sector investment will be generated in non-project related direct effects and an additional 64 jobs and $126,180 will be generate in indirect effects.

In the most recent past, Syracuse had become a regionally economic depressed area. In the Syracuse area during this period, the manufacturing jobs declined 40 percent. Since this time, manufacturing employment levels have stabilized and continue to improve.

Many local firms have called employees back. New industries have moved into Syracuse and a number of local industries have expanded, hiring new employees.